Educate - Contribute - Participate - Join Forces

Being part of the maritime industry, which has a major impact on environmental pollution, most of all the sea and the oceans, obliges us to contribute to the development of solutions for preventing further progress of adverse effects not only on humans but on the environment in any possible way.

Guided by facts that these issues in the industry should be not only addressed but also acted upon, the idea to start BACKTOBLU was born. The goal is to promote environmental awareness in a unique way and to target other organisations, clients, partners and general public.

The initiative is incorporated in Liburnia’s CSR program, and aims to alter consciousness towards environmental issues by informing, educating and engaging to action.

Bringing the issue of environment pollution to the forefront, we’ll inspire behavioural change trough:

Social media content ( facebook, instagram, LinkedIn) - staying up to date on environmental news, sharing content about plastic pollution & promoting advices for behavioural changes Donations for Environmental NGO’s (profits from sales of BACKTOBLU items) Various projects & case studies (collaboration with scientific and educational institutions) Educations (in companies, schools and faculties) ZERO WASTE brochure

Our mission is to engage individuals, companies & institutions to be a part of BACKTOBLU and to:

Educate - about pollution especially about adverse effects of plastic waste

Contribute - embracing simple changes

Participate - joining initiatives and groups

Join forces - with people and organisations

BACKTOBLU, the environmental awareness initiative and a part of Liburnia’s Corporate Social Responsibility program has become even more – a Brand.

Led by the idea to start a brand, we have launched the design and the production of organic cotton clothing and accessories such as t- shirts, hoodies and bags. The goal is to help and support local environmental organisations by donating 100% of profits from sales of our products.

Since the launch of BACKTOBLU, we have completed many beautiful projects available on our web:

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