The Client acknowledges that the Cargo may be transported via ship through waterways, natural or artificial, including the Panama Canal and the Suez Canal, (Waterway) where such transit is the shortest and/or most convenient route. The Client acknowledges that there is a risk that any such Waterway may be blocked, closed or that the ship may encounter significant delay (more than 72 hours waiting time) at such Waterway and the Client agrees to assume this cost and risk in full. In such event, at the Carrier’s discretion, the vessel may sail such alternative route as the Carrier deems suitable and the consequent increase in time shall be for the Clients’ account at the cost imposed by the Carrier. Alternatively, the ship may discharge the cargo at a close or convenient port (to be determined by the Carrier at his absolute discretion) and in the event that the Carrier exercises this option all of the Forwarding Agent’s obligations under this contract, including the delivery of the Goods, shall be considered fulfilled.