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Liburnia proudly announces the opening of Prague office – Liburnia Projects & Chartering s.r.o

Liburnia Maritime Agency Ltd. delivers a full range of logistic services and serves the industry since 2004. Over the years the company has built a highly trusted brand known and recognised worldwide. With the great tradition and experience, highly educated people, and deep understanding of industry and clients needs, the company is able to adapt to the most challenging requirements of different markets.

Increasing the global presence, Liburnia will be able to serve the customers even better and provide top-quality services.

This April, Liburnia joined forces with Mrs. Petronela Galambošovà, and opened the Czech office – Liburnia Projects & Chartering s.r.o. in Prague. Petronela has extensive experience working for different renowned companies and being also on different sides of the table.

Prague office is a major milestone for the company, but also a humbling reminder of the hard work of the entire team to get the company this far.

The goal of the company is to provide the existing and new customers clear and comprehensive solutions for their transportation needs.
Prague office will cover the central European market and have the support of Liburnia’s offices in Croatia and the Netherlands, thus a major part of Europe will be strategically covered.


  • Worldwide Chartering & Brokerage
  • Project forwarding Technical & commercial consultancy
  • Port agency in Adriatic